Time Out Quick Guides: Art and cultural spots in Abu Dhabi

The places where you can see, buy and make works of art

Abu Dhabi excels in so many fields – from staging huge sporting events and massive concerts to having world-class hotels, bars and restaurants and being a safe and diverse place to live.

But there’s perhaps one thing that stands out amongst all of those things, that Abu Dhabi is a place where art and culture thrives.

There are many cultural and historic sites around the capital, but we’ll leave those for another day.

Instead this Quick Guides video focuses on some of the brilliant places to see, buy and create your own art.

From globally renowned museums such as Louvre Abu Dhabi to homegrown studios such as Warehouse 421, there’s room for all kinds of art and artists in Abu Dhabi.

Find about more about all the spaces to scratch your arty itch in this week’s video.

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