Time Out Quick Guides: Things to do on Al Maryah Island

The go-to place for fine shopping and fine dining

You’re probably aware that Abu Dhabi is made up of hundreds of islands.

Some of them you might not even realise you’re on, as they’re more or less incorporated into the mainland thanks to lots of roads and bridges.

But there are a bunch of islands that are pretty much destinations in their own right – Nurai Island, Yas Island and Al Maya Islands spring to mind immediately.

And then there’s Al Maryah Island. Just a few years ago there wasn’t much to see here, but now it’s the go-to place for fine shopping and fine dining.

With two quite brilliant hotels, a luxury mall and some of the very best restaurants in the city, it’s one of the places to head for a great night out or a short break.

A new extension to The Galleria is due to open after summer 2019, too, meaning there are even more reasons to visit.
So why not check out our latest Quick Guide video and see for yourself.

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