Learning how to play GOLF in Abu Dhabi

We head to Yas Links to take a lesson with the club's instructor

You have probably noticed that Abu Dhabi has some great golf courses.

Some of the biggest names in the sport come to the capital every year to play in huge tournaments at Abu Dhabi Golf Club, Saadiyat Beach Gold Club and more.

So, we thought we'd see if we have what it takes to join in.

While we know we're never going to make the pro circuit at this point in our lives, there's no harm is giving the game a go.

So, our vloggers Shaikh and Harriet went to Yas Links Golf Club on Yas Island to take a development golf lesson with the club's instructor.

It turns out that Harriet is something of an expert (well, she did used to cover golf back in the UK) and Shaikh, well, isn't so much.

Why not watch our vlog to see how they got on.

Yas Links Golf Club, Yas Island (02 810 7710).

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