Exploring Abu Dhabi's Fish Market

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Abu Dhabi is a place filled with the most stunning architecture, high-end restaurants, luxury hotels and incredible views.

But it's also a city with a long, proud maritime heritage, from the earliest pearl diver (who's success paved the way for the emirate to grow) to the modern cruise industry operating from Abu Dhabi's ports.

One of our favourite places in the Mina port is the fish market - it's a bustling place where hundreds of fishermen come every morning, unloading their boats with the catch of the day, ready to sell to wholesalers, restaurants and individuals.

Yes, that's right - not only do chefs go along to pick up ingredients for their menus that day, but the general public can go along, too.

There's no reason to feel daunted by the place, either, it's very easy to navigate and the people working there couldn't be more friendly or helpful.

All you need to do is choose what you want, pay for it, take it to someone to clean up and then you can either take your bounty home to cook later, or take it to one of the shops in the market, who will cook it however you like.

If you've ever winced at paying Dhs150 for a couple of prawns when you're eating out, this is the place for you - Dhs30 will get you a whole kilogram.

Take a look at this week's vlog and see for yourself.

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