Taking on a SUSHI masterclass in Abu Dhabi

We learned how to be a master at Park Rotana's Teatro

There are many dishes in Abu Dhabi that you'll find wherever you go.

Sliders, shawarma and fried chicken are a few, but perhaps the one thing you are guaranteed to see on the menu in every bar, cafe and restaurant are maki rolls.

We love them here in the capital and chomp on them whenever we have the chance.

But, until now, we've never thought about making our own.

Probably because if you've seen any of our other attempts at cooking on YouTube you'll realise we're just not very good at it.

But, thanks to some very easy, and great fun, lessons at Teatro in Park Rotana Abu Dhabi, we're well on our way to being sushi masters.

Well, kind of for a first attempt it's not bad, anyway.

There are various sessions available, starting at beginners level and going up to serious sushi makers.

They start at Dhs955 for the most simple classes, which covers up to four people.

If you want to take part, just head to www.rotanatimes.com/parkrotana for more details.

Before that, though, watch our vlog to see how we do.

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