Getting lost in Abu Dhabi's Wonder Maze

The incredible attraction is at Umm Al Emarat Park

We all like to get lost in our own little world sometimes, don't we?

Well, now you can also get lost in the world's largest mobile maze, by trying the Wonder Maze, which is in Umm Al Emarat Park until April.

That's just what happened to Shaikh and Harriet when they tried it out.

It's suitable for all ages, but the word game that they were tasked with almost proved too hard to crack.

For Dhs35 per person, you can enter the maze and play a game - find various clues that are dotted throughout the sprawling space, solve a puzzle then find the watch tower that looks over the entire thing (so you can see all the dead ends you went down).

If you want to see just how badly our two intrepid explorers got on, watch our vlog now.

And be sure to check out the maze yourself before it moves on to Germany.

As well as the Dhs35 entry fee you could choose to pay Dhs70 to go in and out of it as many times as you want in one day. There's also a Dhs5 fee to enter the park.

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