Eating our way around Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi

The Yas Island theme park has a whopping 18 eateries

Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi is one of the most exciting places in the capital.

The only dedicated Warner Bros. theme park in the world, it includes six different lands inside - covering Superman, Batman, The Flintstones, Looney Tunes, Scooby Doo, the golden age of Hollywood and more.

But not only are there incredible rides inside the huge space, there are 18 restaurants as well.

Each land has a bunch of different eateries, with everything from classic diners to cafes and high-end restaurants available. There's even a Flintstones-themed burger joint serving dino-ribs and MASSIVE burgers fit for a caveman.

We decided to return to Warner Bros. World to check out some of the places to eat.

Watch the vlog to see how Harriet and Shaikh get on - can they manage to have a bite to eat at all 18 venues?

Maybe starting with a burger fit for six people isn't the best way to go about it.

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