We meet cute kitties at an Abu Dhabi vets

Find out how German Veterinary Clinic is helping the city’s stray cats

We’ve all seen stray cats prowling around the streets of Abu Dhabi.

Some of us are cat lovers and some are not, but I’m sure we can all agree with would be better if these animals had a home to go to.

When we heard the team at German Veterinary Clinic have regular events to help the poor creatures we wanted to find out more about what they do.

Dr. Katrin Jahn who founded the clinic has also worked to make sure it’s one of the finest in the Middle East when to comes to caring for cats.

Just some of the features that make it so welcoming to felines are the cat-only waiting areas that come complete with feline-friendly pheromones, a special cat consulting room, cat trees and cat-only hospital wards.

Check out our vlog and find out more about what they offer.

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