A new way to travel from Abu Dhabi to Dubai in 15 minutes

Innovative Sky Pods proposed at World Government Summit

A new way to travel from Abu Dhabi to Dubai in 15 minutes

Hands up if you'd like to cut the journey time from Abu Dhabi to Dubai to just 15 minutes...

We can't see you, obviously, but we presume you're all frantically waving your hands in the air.

And we're not talking about the Hyperloop, either (that's a 12-minute journey time, anyway).

No, we mean Sky Pods, an invention by Belarusian designer Anatoly Yunitskiy.

The system was proposed at the World Government Summit in Dubai this week, and is basically a really fast cable car, that uses five times less energy than an electric car.

Yunitskiy’s company Skyway says the Pods would move on a network above the ground, at speeds of up to 500 km/h.

The inventor believes the Sky Pods will revolutionise travel, first here in the UAE then across the world.

He says: “We are creating the most eco-friendly, comfortable, cost-efficient and productive transport system ever."

Each Pod will have leather seats and windows, to admire the views whizzing by.

Would you try it?

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