First section of Abu Dhabi to Dubai hyperloop ready in 2020

The cost of building it is up to $40 per kilometre

First section of Abu Dhabi to Dubai hyperloop ready in 2020

For a while now the Abu Dhabi to Dubai Hyperloop has sounded like a sci-fi dream, too far in the future to get truly excited about.

However, with work starting on the project this year and the launch set to take place in 2020, it all get very real.

It's set to be the world's first commercial Hyperloop track, and it will cost somewhere between $20 and $40 million per kilometre (and with 150km to cover, that, readers, is a lot of dirhams).

Abu Dhabi's Aldar signed a deal to start working on it last year.

But Bibop Gresta, chairman of Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, says that amount can be recouped in 15 years.

The first 10km stretch will be ready by 2020 and, when complete, the hyperloop will cut travel time between the emirates to 12 minutes.

“It was a far-fetched dream, but we are all excited now that it’s a dream coming true in the UAE in 2020,” Gresta said.

“Basically, the Abu Dhabi Hyperloop system is right now past the feasibility study. We have already completed the study after we partnered with Aldar Properties last year. It will be the first commercial Hyperloop line in the world.”

The Hyperloop TT site will on the border of Abu Dhabi and Dubai, near the Expo 2020 site.

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