Visa-free travel for UAE residents to European hotspot

No need to fill out all that paperwork anymore

Visa-free travel for UAE residents to European hotspot

Many of us are often on the lookout for a new travel destination to explore.

We all know about the likes of Paris, New York, Sydney, London, and so on, but it’s nice to go off the beaten track once in a while.

So there’s some good news for UAE residents who fancy a short break in a beautiful country without facing a long-haul flight.

Officials have announced UAE residents can now go to incredible Azerbaijan without having to deal with the effort of obtaining a visa beforehand.

As long as you have a UAE passport or residence visa, you can explore the wonders of cities such as Baku by getting a visit visa on arrival.

Previously, such visas had to be obtained from the Azerbaijani embassy.

The beautiful country is between eastern Europe and western Asia and has seen a surge in tourism in recent years.

It's a bit of a geographical melting pot, with parts of the country in Europe and parts in Asia.

Its capital city, Baku, is known for its medieval walled old town and eye-catching modern architecture.

It's around two-and-a-half hours via plane from Abu Dhabi and Dubai, with many direct flights on offer.

UAE residents will get a one month tourist visa on arrival as long as their passport or residency visa is valid 120 days after the date of arrival.

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