Enjoy sushi at lunch or Enjoy Hemingway hour

Meet T-Rex or Rock to Dave Matthews

Indulge in a symphony or Take your chocolate with coffee

Take in art or Splash around

Pamper yourself or Sail the seas

Stock up on books or See a caravan of art

Twist silver into fine art or Help clean our waterways

Brunch with your brood or Enter a sand castle competition

See Bon Jovi live or Shop mythical Arabia

Lift your stein to Oktober or Grab an elegant bite to eat

Sample a new menu or Get fit at Yas Marina

Taste the Far East or Dine as the Germans do

Pamper yourself or Book an aperitivo hour

Swirl down the rabbit hole or Don’t wait until Friday to brunch

Get into the game or Pass dim sum to the DJ’s beat

Savour a mooncake or Be transformed by art

Relax to a string quartet or Roll up for maki madness

Hear downtown funk or Travel through time

Strike a pose, kids or Meet the camel artist

Take a sunrise paddle or Sing your song

Cheer pageant dogs or Help out needy animals

Party like it’s 1929 or Get on the dancefloor at Legends

Swim with dolphins or Party with your People


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