Interior design ideas for 2015

Metallic shades, mirrored furniture and more style trends

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We ask interior designer Janet Waite of Creative Designs Dubai – Interiors to fill us in on top interior trends for the year ahead…

Mix shades of rose gold, yellow gold and silver, with everything from cushions to cutlery, lamps and tables.

Mirrored furniture
Pieces containing mirrors will add an element of sophistication and luxury to your room. Invest in coffee tables, chests of drawers and desks.

Shades of blue
From indigo to navy and turquoise, add splashes of blue to your home and complement with mother-of-pearl and white marble.

Words and quotes
Quoted phrases will be adorning everything from pillows and linen to wall decoration in the year ahead. French words and quotes will be especially popular.

Natural elements
Achieve this look by adding natural materials to your home, such as sea grass mats and wicker baskets.
Creative Designs Dubai – Interiors (050 454 9125).

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