Five things we've learned about pet owners in the UAE

There have been hundreds of entries to the Time Out Virtual Pet Show

Five things we've learned about pet owners in the UAE

Wearing glasses makes any animal stylish

To be honest, we’re not sure what we expected people to send in for the Most Stylish Pet category, but we definitely were hoping for a little bit more than plonking some sunnies on your dog’s nose. Get your kitty wearing a monocle and that’s a different story, maybe paired with a top hat if you really want to make an impression. We have received a few cats in bow ties, which is absolutely adorable, and deserves kudos for being able to get them on there without the felines going feral.

People with fish don’t own a camera

Or maybe their fish are camera-shy – either way, we’ve not seen many photos of them. In hindsight, perhaps calling the category Most Expressive Fish Face was expecting a bit too much. The number of fishy entries pales in comparison to those of cats and dogs and saying they had expressive faces is a bit of a push. Goldie, it’s time to get ready for your close up.

Most of you are beautiful human beings

The amount of rescue cats and dogs that we’ve seen, and heard heart-warming stories about, has genuinely moved us. While we’d prefer it if there weren’t so many animals that needed rescuing here in the UAE, when there are people who care as much as you lot do, those poor little furry ones are going to have a good chance of making it through and ending up with a lovely new life. Give yourselves a pat on the back.

There are not many guinea pigs in the UAE

You may remember seeing Poldo, a little ball of squeak who looked like he was having an amazing time getting washed in a foot spa in our first online gallery. It is fair to say he is the UAE’s most famous guinea pig, probably because there doesn’t seem to be any more out there. Is there a guinea pig community Poldo can become part of? Let us know and we’ll pass on the details…

Kids have a great bond with their pets

It’s just lovely to see so many happy little ones cuddling up to their pets. We’ve had cats ‘helping’ with homework, puppies snoozing alongside their owners, massive exotic birds perching on little shoulders and, erm, a massive dog wearing a rabbit mask, among others. We love it.
The Time Out Virtual Pet Show is running until August 18, so you have until Monday 10 August to send your pictures to or tag us on Instagram @timeoutabudhabi and @timeoutdubai using the hashtag #topetshow.

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