Five budgeting apps in the UAE that can help get your finances in order

How to take back control of your money

Five budgeting apps in the UAE that can help get your finances in order

Life can be expensive in the UAE, and it's easy to lose track of what’s in your account.

Need to get your money in order? Here are five great budgeting apps that can help you sort your finances.


If your focus is on budgeting then Emma could help. This easy-to-use app allows you to set your paydays, track recurring payments and understand where your money goes each month helping you to track and cancel subscriptions that you don’t use and start saving money by making you a smarter spender.
Free. Available on Apple and Android devices.


If budgeting, finance and spending gets your head spinning then Fudget could be the way to simplify everything to an easy to follow level. On the app you can create a simple log of incomings and outgoings, set weekly or monthly expenses and track them to see exactly where your money is going.
Free. Available on Apple and Android devices.


Keep track of everything in one place with this handy budgeting app. With Wally you can connect all your bank accounts, PayPal and others to get immediate insight into your spending patterns, set and track a budget each month, get categorised transactions updated in real time and even keep on joint accounts and group spending.
Free. Available on Apple and Android devices.


On You Need A Budget, you build your budget based on your income and set your budget to cover certain living expenses, from rent to savings and more, making you account for you whole salary and where it ends up, either paying a bill or moving into your savings.
Free seven day trial, Dhs50 per month, Dhs330 per year. Available on Apple and Android devices.


If you’re looking for a comprehensive app that covers all the bases and keeps your finances in one place then Yolt may be a good option. In the app you can sync all your bank accounts and credit cards together, track your spending from all accounts, set and track budgets and monitor your bills. You can even monitor investments and your pension fund, too.
Free. Available on Apple and Android devices.

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