Watersports to try in Abu Dhabi

Being surrounded by so much water, it’s no surprise water sports are so popular. These are the most extreme

Watersports to try in Abu Dhabi

Hit the waves at Wadi Adventure in Al Ain for the ultimate UAE surfing experience. The pool is 150m long and the waves are over 3m, giving surfers all the swell they could ask for.
Dhs100 for 90 minutes or Dhs150 for a one-hour lesson, plus Dhs50 adults’ entry, Dhs25 kids’ entry. Private session Dhs1,400 for 60 minutes. Directions on www.wadiadventure.ae (03 781 8422).

Strap your feet into boots attached to a board and try to control yourself as you’re thrown upwards into the air. The board is powered by a hose linked to a Jet Ski, so when the Jet Ski engine guns, the board rises 3m in the air – taking you along with it. Balance is the key, as is a good head for heights.
Dhs300 for 30 minutes, Dhs500 for one hour. Email info@flyboards-uae.com Abu Dhabi Marine Sports, Kite Beach, Yas Island, www.flyboards-uae.com (050 817 3071).

Jetlev Flyer
The first of its kind in the UAE, the JetLev Flyer is a 16kg carbon fibre backpack attached to a 10m hose, with an engine the size and shape of a Jet Ski at the other end. The engine shoots water into the hose, rocketing whoever’s wearing the pack 10m into the air at 40km/h.
Dhs995 30 minutes, Dhs1,400 one hour. Gulf Water Sports, Ghantoot Marina, www.gulfwatersports.ae (055 297 9311).

Jet Skiing
Our favourite Jet Ski location in Abu Dhabi is Ghantoot Marina, where you can rent one for a reasonable price. Just make sure you read TOAD’s Jet Ski law breakdown first. Over-16s only. Follow Sheikh Rashed Al Maktoum Road (E11) towards Dubai, take exit 399, then the flyover and head for Al Jazira Resort.
Dhs300 for 30 minutes, Dhs500 one hour. Ghantoot Water Sports, www.ghantootmarina.com (02 562 9168).

A little bit cooler than waterskiing, wakeboarding is one of the most popular water sports in Abu Dhabi. If you’re a novice you’ll need lessons to be able to stand up on your board, and a motorboat to drag you through the waves. Luckily you can get both at Watercooled, Hiltonia Beach Club.
Dhs230 for 20 min. Hilton Abu Dhabi, Corniche West, www.watercooleddubai.com (02 681 1900).

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