Dune bashing in Abu Dhabi

If there’s one thing we’ve got a lot of here in Abu Dhabi, its space for off-road driving

If there’s one thing we’ve got a lot of here in Abu Dhabi, its space for off-road driving. With vast landscapes of desert to explore just outside the city, petrol heads and thrill seekers are in their element, which is just
one of the reasons dune bashing is so popular in the emirate.

Get the most out of your off-roading by having a few lessons with an advanced driver experienced in traversing the sprawling and often difficult terrain that can be in found in the Empty Quarter adjacent to Saudi Arabia – the best place to try dune bashing. Emirates Driving Institute offers a comprehensive one-day course that will teach you all you need to know about handling a vehicle in the dunes and how to cope if disaster strikes.

After the seven-hour session you’ll be ready to take your own wheels out for spin. Make sure you go in a group though, as being lost on the desert on your own is an extremely dangerous scenario.

Desert driving courses are offered daily. Courses can be taken by one or two people.
Dhs1,100 Sat-Thu, Dhs1,200 Fri for one person. The cost for two people is Dhs600 (per person) Sat-Thu, Dhs650 (per person) Fri. www.edi-uae.com (04 263 1100).

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