Parkour in Abu Dhabi

There are extreme sports, and then there are extreme sports

Parkour in Abu Dhabi

There are extreme sports, and then there are extreme sports. Parkour, which is also known as freerunning, is about as wild as it gets. Parkour is a sport without limits, hence the name freerunning, as the individuals or groups who practise it traverse an urban landscape by any means, getting from one point to another via the most direct route. The result of this endeavour is that it transforms streets into urban gymnasiums, with freerunners performing acrobatic and often death-defying feats to scale buildings and skip across rooftops.

Don’t worry though if that all sounds a bit much for your first foray into freerunning though, because the guys at UAE Parkour will hold your hand (not literally) as they introduce you to the extreme sport. The team of experts runs training classes in a safe gym environment complete with soft mats and protective padding every week at Gems American Academy in Khalifa City A. There are classes for youths (aged 10-14) as well as for adults (aged 15 and over), that usually run 6-7pm and 7-8pm every Tuesday. Classes are currently on a summer break but will start again in September. The exact date is yet
to be confirmed.

Once you’ve mastered the basics, why not hit the streets with UAE Parkour instructors and your fellow classmates? The UAE Parkour meetup group announces a location where the community can get together to practise their skills. Meetup jams happen every Friday at different places each week, and anyone is welcome.
It’s a lot of fun, but expect to be put through your paces.
For more information, email or To find out more about UAE Parkour Jams, visit

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