World Cup fixture list

Every match - complete with UAE kick-off times

World Cup fixture list

Brazil, Cameron, Mexico, Croatia
June 12 Midnight Brazil v Croatia
June 13 8pm Mexico v Cameroon
June 17 11pm Brazil v Mexico
June 19 2am Cameroon v Croatia
June 23 Midnight Cameroon v Brazil
June 23 Midnight Croatia v Mexico


Spain, Chile, Australia, Netherlands
June 13 11pm Spain v Netherlands
June 14 2am Chile v Australia
June 18 8pm Australia v Netherlands
June 18 11pm Spain v Chile
June 23 8pm Australia v Spain
June 23 8pm Netherlands v Chile


Colombia, Ivory Coast, Japan, Greece
June 14 8pm Colombia v Greece
June 15 5am Ivory Coast v Japan
June 19 8pm Colombia v Ivory Coast
June 20 2am Japan v Greece
June 24 Midnight Japan v Colombia
June 24 Midnight Greece v Ivory Coast


Uruguay, Italy, Costa Rica, England
June 14 11pm Uruguay v Costa Rica
June 15 2am England v Italy
June 19 11pm Uruguay v England
June 20 8pm Italy v Costa Rica
June 24 8pm Italy v Uruguay
June 24 8pm Costa Rica v England


Switzerland, Ecuador, Honduras, France
June 15 8pm Switzerland v Ecuador
June 15 11pm France v Honduras
June 20 11pm Switzerland v France
June 21 2am Honduras v Ecuador
June 25 Midnight Honduras v Switzerland
June 25 Midnight Ecuador v France


Argentina, Nigeria, Iran, Bosnia-Herzegovina
June 16 2am Argentina v Bosnia-Herzegovina
June 16 11pm Iran v Nigeria
June 21 8pm Argentina v Iran
June 22 2am Nigeria v Bosnia-Herzegovina
June 25 8pm Nigeria v Argentina
June 25 8pm Bosnia-Herzegovina v Iran


Germany, Ghana, United States, Portugal
June 16 8pm Germany v Portugal
June 17 2am Ghana v United States
June 21 11pm Germany v Ghana
June 23 2am United States v Portugal
June 26 8pm United States v Germany
June 26 8pm Portugal v Ghana


Belgium, Algeria, South Korea, Russia
June 17 8pm Belgium v Algeria
June 18 2am Russia v South Korea
June 22 11pm South Korea v Algeria
June 22 8pm Belgium v Russia
June 26 Midnight South Korea v Belgium
June 26 Midnight Algeria v Russia

Last 16

June 28 8pm Match 49
Winner A v Runner-up B

June 28 Midnight Match 50
Winner C v Runner-up D

June 29 8pm Match 51
Winner B v Runner-up A

June 29 Midnight Match 52
Winner D v Runner-up C

June 30 8pm Match 53
Winner E v Runner-up F

June 30 Midnight Match 54
Winner G v Runner-up H

July 1 8pm Match 55
Winner F v Runner-up E

July 1 Midnight Match 56
Winner H v Runner-up G


July 4 8pm Match 58
Winner Match 53 v Winner Match 54

July 4 Midnight Match 57
Winner Match 49 v Winner Match 50

July 5 8pm Match 60
Winner Match 55 v Winner Match 56

July 5 Midnight Match 59
Winner Match 51 v Winner Match 52


July 8 Midnight
Winner Match 57 v Winner Match 58

July 9 Midnight
Winner Match 59 v Winner Match 60

Third-Place Play-Off

July 12 Midnight


July 13 11pm

The Facts

What: The World Cup
Where: Brazil
When: June 12 – July 13
Number of matches: 64
Final: July 13

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