You can now escape to an Indian yoga retreat from Abu Dhabi

Bodytree Studio is organising an adventure to South India

You can now escape to an Indian yoga retreat from Abu Dhabi

Imagine waking up surrounded by lush nature and beautiful palm trees, and starting your day with a relaxing yoga and meditation session.

Sound okay to you?

Well this isn’t a fanciful scene from Netflix's Wild, Wild Country (before the bad stuff happened), this is what you could be doing if you join the Indian Adventure retreat with Abu Dhabi’s Bodytree Studio.

The yoga centre is organising a week-long retreat from November 1 to 8 at the Namaste Yoga Farm in Karnataka, India.

Designed for people who want to look after their mind and body, it’s perfect for nature lovers, travel addicts and keen yoga fans.

After your morning yoga session, you can choose to spend your day eating a healthy breakfast, taking a trip to the beach, exploring temples or visiting to the spa.

Then as the sun starts to set you’ll take part in a second yoga class before sitting down to a delicious dinner.

The retreat is open to everyone, it doesn’t matter if you are a yoga expert or a total beginner.

Vegan and vegetarian meal plans are also available.

Flights go in and out from Goa airport, and the cost for a single room is Dhs6,450 or Dhs5,800 before July 15.

For a shared room it is Dhs4,550 per person or Dhs4,100 before July 15.

We’re putting in our holiday requests now.

Dhs4,550 (shared room), Dhs6,450 (single room). Nov 1-8. Hazza Bin Zayed the First Street, Al Khalidiyah (02 443 4448).

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