Defy hair damage this summer

Sponsored content: Tips and tricks on protecting your hair from the sun and heat

Defy hair damage this summer

Discolouration, brittle strands, split ends – just some of the many effects caused by the blazing sun on our delicate hair.

Once the summer kicks off, humidity and intense heat might turn your once beautiful bouncy hair into a limp and frizzy mess.

Who would want that? No one, which is why these next few tips and tricks are sure to protect the life of your hair.

1) Treat your hair like your skin

Yes, that means putting sunscreen on your noggin.

You may hesitate, but you will change your mind knowing that the glare of the sun on your head can deplete your volume and destroy your hair's cuticle. Yikes.

As an outer-layer of UV protection, certain products made with coconut oil and cinnamon will help keep your hair from drying out and save it’s colour – natural or not.

2) Stay on a healthy diet

You may not know it, but lots of hydration and certain food will keep your hair protected from the damaging rays.

For example, soy has vitamin B, proteins and minerals such as iron, magnesium, selenium and zinc, which are all essential for healthy hair.

Extra fluids are vital, too.

3) Keep away from the heat

It’s bad enough that intense heat is constantly shining down on you while you’re out, so it would be a good idea to layoff the hot tools.

Always finish washing your hair with a rinse of cold water, which helps to seal the cuticles and reduce greasiness. 

Take your time drying out your hair with cool air, and if you must use a styling iron, make sure to use Keratin Smooth Heat Protection Shine Spray.

4) Conditioner is your best friend

It’s all about maintaining as much moisture as possible in your hair, as the sun is drying it up with every minute that passes.

Make sure to invest in a quality leave-in conditioner, made as heat-protectors and anti-frizz agents that moisturize dry hair, giving it that smooth and shiny look.

Wondering what to opt for? Check out the Tressemé Keratin Smooth range for an ideal conditioner.

5) Change your style

Sometimes, no amount of special hydrating shampoos or sunscreen protection on your hair can take on the intense rays from the sun.

The best defence? A wide-brimmed and trustworthy hat.

Not only will it shade your hair from the harmful sun, it will spice up your fashion.

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