The Asian Muay Thai Championship 2019 is coming to Abu Dhabi

The UAE team will be hoping to strike gold

The Asian Muay Thai Championship 2019 is coming to Abu Dhabi

You could be forgiven for thinking the only sport Abu Dhabi is interested in right now is UFC.

But you'd be wrong as there is far more going on in the capital before the end of the year.

There's the annual Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, of course, and now there's the Asian Muay Thai Championship, which will take place on December 16 to 22.

More than 40 countries from Asia will take part in the tournament.

Abdullah Saeed Al Neyadi, chairman of the UAE Muay Thai & Kickboxing Federation, says: "'The Asian consensus to host the championship was a vote of confidence in our two-year-old federation."

At the World Championships 2018 in Mexico, the UAE team won gold medals for their country.

Established in May 2017,The UAE Muay Thai & Kickboxing Federation is the official patron of Muay Thai and Kickboxing in the UAE, with the aim of establishing the sports within the UAE and creating teams capable of competing at a world level.

Watch out for more information on the event as we get it.

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