You need to see this exciting new Abu Dhabi yoga studio

We check out Flo, Abu Dhabi, the newest Instagram-worthy pilates, yoga and barre studio 

You need to see this exciting new Abu Dhabi yoga studio
You need to see this exciting new Abu Dhabi yoga studio  Image #2

We love a fancy gym or a quirky fitness class here in Abu Dhabi.

But just because a studio is very Instagram-friendly, it doesn’t mean that the workouts won’t leave you buzzing and feeling great.

Flo Fitness Studio is undoubtedly one of the coolest new places to exercise in the city, and the stylish space in Al Bateen offers a whole range of exciting classes such as antigravity yoga, jump-board classes and TRX pilates.

So whether you’re looking to tone up, de-stress or generally just burn a lot of calories, you can do it all at this minimalistic ladies-only fitness centre.

We chat to managing director Fatima Al Yousef about why a visit to workout at Flo is guaranteed to leave you feeling refreshed, revitalised and energised.

What is the idea behind Flo?
We’ve created a vibrant space that’s full of good and contagious energy. We cater to all women, whether they are mothers, business women or in full-time employment, and our flexible timetable is designed to work with someone with a busy schedule.

We understand the stresses our clients go through and it’s very important for us that when they walk into our doors, they leave their stressful day behind, and only care for themselves and their bodies as well as their mental wellbeing.

Many of our classes take place up on the roof in the open air, and visitors can either purchase a single class pass or a package of five or 10 classes at a reduced price.

What are the key differences between yoga, pilates and barre?
Pilates strengthens the whole body, eases injuries and body aches, improves flexibility and posture and develops core strength.

Meanwhile, Yoga has many benefits for your mental health.  Practicing deep breathing can help reduce anxiety, depression, lower blood pressure and increase energy levels.

Finally, Barre workouts are mainly for sculpting the body and developing stamina and endurance. The classes incorporate matt workouts, planks and push ups followed by a series of high intensity and challenging exercises using the barre. The music really adds to the fun too.

Do the classes still provide a good workout even if they’re relaxing?
There is a misconception that pilates and yoga are not high intensity exercises which is totally incorrect. The movements might not be as big as in other workouts, but the results usually shock our clients.

Pilates and yoga allows you to move muscles that you didn’t even know existed.

Pilates in specific has been used for ages as a rehabilitation form of exercises supporting people with injuries, back and neck pains.

Do you have to have a certain level of fitness to try the classes?
No, we cater for all levels and we have introductory classes which cover the fundamentals of each exercise.

This makes sure that people aren’t intimidated by the machines or some of the more unusual class names.
From Dhs90. Villa 34, Mileih Street, Al Bateen (02 644 6496).

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