Step challenge relaunches in Abu Dhabi International Tennis Stadium

Head to Zayed Sports City every Monday for a simple fitness session

Step challenge relaunches in Abu Dhabi International Tennis Stadium

You might have started 2019 by signing up to one of Abu Dhabi’s fancy gyms, or by telling yourself that you’ll be out running by 6.30am every morning.

But, of course, most ambitious fitness plans tend to get abandoned after a while, either because they were too expensive, too time consuming, or just totally unrealistic from the very start.

So it’s a good job that our favourite step-heavy workout has started back up again at Zayed Sports City.

StepZSC is a free training event which invites everyone to come along and get fit by climbing up and down the many steps at the International Tennis Centre.

You’re thinking that sounds like the worst thing in the world, right? Well, that’s where you’re wrong.

This isn’t just one, long slog up a never-ending staircase. This is a short, high-impact workout fueled by loud pumping music.

The 20-minute classes are led by the friendly instructors from fitness studio The Room, and they’ll be on hand throughout to offer advice and encouragement.

The flights of stairs are taken in short, sharp bursts and broken up by runs on level ground. Your legs will really feel the burn and the rest of your body will be left aching after too.

Children are welcome to join in, or if that doesn’t appeal they can simply burn off some energy by jumping around on some of the bouncy inflatables nearby.

The classes start at five and 35 minutes past the hour, with ladies-only sessions (also open to boys under eight years old) running from 4pm to 5.30pm. The general public are then invited to attend when that’s over, between 5.30pm and 8pm.

To attend all you need to do is register at and once you’ve signed up you can attend as many sessions as you wish, until the programme finishes on May 27.

Details of the weekly classes are also listed on the Zayed Sports City Facebook page.

It might make us feel faint with exhaustion just thinking about running up so many stairs, but free, 20-minute exercise sessions are just the kind of workouts we can get on board with. Just think of the money you’ll save and the extra brunches you can justify…

Free. Mon 4pm-5.30pm (ladies only); 5.30pm-8pm (public). International Tennis Centre, Zayed Sports City,

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