You can now get one-hour delivery on groceries in Abu Dhabi

Get fresh goods fast with this speedy home delivery

You can now get one-hour delivery on groceries in Abu Dhabi

Life is busy. Believe us, we understand. 

While it's nice to whip round the supermarket and pick up fresh food, check out deals and take a look at products, we don't always have the time. 

Luckily a new home delivery service promises to deliver your groceries in one-hour, meaning you can get on with all the rest of the things in your life and leave the shopping to someone else. 

Carrefour has launched the service on its online store so you can select all the items you need and have it delivered at a time that suits you. 

If you're in a rush or need to get a few things last minute it's a great way to get your shopping done.

Plus, if you regularly order the same products you can even order the same goods you purchased last time and spend even less time adding things to your basket. 

What could be more convenient than that? 

Happy shopping. 

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