Celebrate National Day with Majlis Alfareej's lamb machboos

We tuck into the Emirati restaurant's popular lamb dish to celebrate the UAE's birthday

It’s the UAE’s 46th National Day on December 2. But you know that already, right? So, once you’re done attending various events across the city to commemorate the nation, gather with your friends and family at the end of the day and tuck into some delicious traditional food. And what better place to do that than Majlis Alfareej? The name translates to “the place where people gather”, so it’s certainly apt.

The Emirati restaurant has built a steady and loyal fan base since opening last year, it serves traditional grub that is easy on the pocket, too. From chabab and harees, to freshly-baked breads and sweet treats, the menu runs the full gamut of local options.

For restaurant manager Sami Aramouny the lamb machboos, pictured here, is a dish that really epitomises what the restaurant does best.

The simple main course includes flavoured rice and lamb. And like most Emirati dishes, it is perfect for sharing.

“It’s a very popular dish with our guests,” Aramouny says. “The rice is flavoured with saffron and Emirati spices. We marinate the lamb with the same spices, but cook it separately.” The rice and meat is then served with chana dhal.

“Food is a great way to learn about a different culture,” adds Aramouny, and we couldn’t agree more. Majlis Alfareej gets a lot of Emirati guests, there are plenty of expats trying the food as well. So, whether you’re familiar with the cuisine or, are a first-timer, you could do a lot worse than heading to Majlis Alfareej this weekend.

Dhs60. Majlis Alfareej, Darwish Tower, Danat Area (02 665 3653).

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