Art House Café - why is it causing such a stir?

For starters, the Abu Dhabi eatery's motto is "re-cycle, re-use and re-design"

If you’re looking for a place where you can really drink in the rich culture of Abu Dhabi, then it might be time to take a coffee break. For among the brilliant array of galleries, museums and cultural attractions that line the UAE capital lies an eye-catching café where you’re sure to feel right “art” home.

The Art House Café, which opened its doors for the first time in July 2014, is attached to one of the city’s premier cultural hubs, Etihad Modern Art Gallery, but it is much more than a place to relax and refuel after a picture-perfect day out.

This cool spot is a cultural destination all of its own, with striking artwork adorning the walls and colourful furnishings made out of re-designed items, including bird cages, old kettles, tin basins, barrels and much more.

The ethos of the vibrant venue is driven by a desire to make everything healthier, both people and the planet.

Manager Michelle Pieterson, who moved to the UAE from South Africa for her new role earlier this year, is proud to be at the helm of such a “unique and stunning café”.

Pieterson explains: “The motto of the café is re-cycle, re-use and re-design. Our furnishings are made up of a number of re-designed items. We believe strongly in being eco-friendly and I am in the process of setting us up to recycle almost 100 percent of our waste, including general waste.”

The team also encourages its close-knit family of customers to improve their own physical and mental wellbeing by offering 10 percent discounts to all who read a book during their stay and slashing prices by 25 percent to all who arrive by bike.

The Art House Café also provides another avenue for creative talents to show off their work, with pieces from local and international artists on display.

Art is everywhere here – on the walls, on the tables and in the form of the unique furniture and fittings.

The artistic feel carries over to the menu, where the variety of food and drink is served with plenty of flair.

Pieterson adds: “Our food and drinks are very attractive to the eye and we like people to kick back, relax, take in the beautiful surroundings and enjoy.”

You don’t have to be a painter to see why this eatery continues to cause such a stir.

Open daily 9am-11.30pm. Al Huwelat Street, Al Bateen (02 666 0175).

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