Stars ’N’ Bars’ brunch review

A brunch every day of the week at Stars ’N’ Bars’ in Abu Dhabi


Brunch is an institution in this part of the world. It’s a definite to-do when visiting. In fact, out-of-towners are encouraged to fit at least one into their packed itinerary of beach-lounging and camel riding. And, over the years we’ve seen countless of brunches surface, each claiming a unique selling point.

From funky themes and pool parties, to picnic dos and cuisine-specific feasts. All that was missing was a daily brunch. Until now, that is.

American pub, Stars ’N’ Bars launched its daily brunch several weeks ago. Curious about the deal, Time Out decided to check it out on a weekday. Yes, brunch on a weekday. The struggle is indeed real.

So, what’s different about brunching outside of the weekend? The dishes on the menu are what you will find at an old-fashioned brunch. We’re talking about a truly traditional brunch, not the all-in gorge-fest it’s become. There is no cheese room or kids’ activity area. Gone are the freshly-shucked oysters, seared slices of foie gras and truffle-scented wagyu burgers, too. Instead, eggs, in all forms and preparations, waffles, pancakes and breakfast sandwiches, is what you get. The menu is specifically designed, and only available during brunching hours.

The hearty garden omelette is a vegetarian’s delight, with spinach, mushroom and carrot throughout. Its side salad however, contains cubes of chicken. So, if you are strictly off meat, clarify that at the start.

If your palate is craving something that is more south-of-the-border, try the Mexican omelette. The egg dish is fluffy and topped with a spoon of fresh pico de gallo. The tortilla chips are crisp and the salsa is tangy, but we’ve had better guacamole.

For those who prefer a more sugary breakfast, there are a couple of options. The savoury-meets-sweet French toast is heaving with calories. It’s a fairly large, egg-dipped croissant that oozes melted cheese and beef bacon bits, with a heavy dusting of powdered sugar to amp up the sweetness. A side of golden potato wedges and strawberries complete the dish. The serving is once again huge, and similar to what you’d find at an authentic American diner.

The waffles seem like a more straightforward bet. The topping of berries and bananas are sufficient but certainly not generous, and it’s topped with caramelised walnut halves.

While we’re not sold on the need for it being a daily affair, the brunch is a good offer. Although we would like to see hot tea and coffee included in the supposedly all-inclusive drinks package.
Starting from Dhs40 (food menu), Dhs200 (house beverages). Daily 11.30am-4pm. Yas Marina, Yas Island (02 565 0101).

The bottom line
Timing-wise, it’s a handy addition to the existing line-up of brunches.

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