Friday Carvery Brunch at Cooper’s

Good value comfort grub at one of the city’s favourite pubs


Whether it’s been at the weekly quiz (great fun, by the way) or just munching while watching a match, the bar bites menu at Cooper’s has never disappointed. But will its brunch score as high? We step in to find out.

First up, the roast. Now, there’s rare and then there’s practically-still-mooing, and the beef joint served here sadly errs way too much toward the latter part of that meaty spectrum. Frankly, the mammoth slab plonked in front of us is so undercooked it’s hard to figure out if we’re supposed to eat it or punch it, like some sort of wannabe Rocky in a slo-mo training montage.

Still, this proves to be an, ahem, rare blip in what is otherwise a thoroughly satisfying and monumentally good value afternoon of comfort food, at a pub that consistently delivers on its promise. Zuma it ain’t, but Zuma it don’t want to be.

That’s not to say the food here isn’t good quality. In fact, it’s worth noting that as well as all the hearty classics you’d expect from it – chunky sausages, rich steak pie, spot-on spuds and yorkies – this is a brunch not without its refinements. Try to resist diving straight into the various Sunday-lunch staples (easier said than done, we know) and take a pass at the salad bar to start. You’ll thank us for it. Everything from artichoke hearts to plump cherry tomatoes mixed with crunchy pomegranate seeds is there for the taking, and it’s all excellent. The puddings aren’t half bad, either.

The staff, meanwhile, are brilliant throughout – chatty, attentive and fun. And if they do sometimes push the ‘brunch extension’ on you (for Dhs120 you can extend your unlimited house drinks from 4pm-7pm), at those prices it’d be churlish to complain.

The bottom line
Good quality pub grub at fantastic prices – perfect for an afternoon out with your mates.

Dhs165 (soft drinks), Dhs235(house beverages), Dhs255 (premium beverages). Fri 12pm-4pm. Cooper’s Bar & Restaurant, Park Rotana, Khalifa Park Area (02 657 3325).

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