How to make a perfect coffee

Jones the Grocer barista tells us how to make the perfect cup of coffee

How to make a perfect coffee
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How to make the perfect cup of coffee at home.

There are many ways to brew coffee, so TOAD asks barista Helina, from Jones the Grocer Khalidiyah, how to perform the simple ‘pour-over’ method at home.

Use the right equipment
As basic as it is, the pour-over has become popular at local coffee shops. Just as important as the brewing method and the beans, is the right filters for the cone. Your best bet is the Hario V60 filters which you can purchase at any Jones branch.

Use the right water 
Use bottled water in Abu Dhabi to achieve the best flavour.

Fresh coffee grounds 
A great cup of coffee made at home depends entirely on the freshness of the beans. Make sure they are ground minutes before preparation.

Don’t forget to measure!
The pour-over method requires a medium grind (5.5) and my favourite coffee for this is our Ethiopia Lekempti of which you need 16g per 250ml.

How to pour over
Brewing time is three-five minutes

1. As your water boils, place your dripper lined with a Hario V60 filter on your mug.

2. Put your ground coffee into the filter.

3. Pour just enough boiled water to saturate all the grounds.

4. Wait 30 seconds to let the coffee grounds soften.

5. Once the water has passed through the grounds, pour again, raising the water level to about an inch above the grounds. Wait for the water to trickle through the dripper. Repeat until you have your desired amount.

Jones has a variety of blends and single origin beans to suit every palate.

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