How do you like your steak?

Sick of bloody steaks? Learn the lingo to get the right cuts

How do you like your steak?

Your steak will have a bit of colour on the outside, having been sealed on the grill on all sides. It’ll be very red and cold in the middle.


Slightly warmer in the middle and a little bit firmer to the touch, but it’ll still be red in the centre.

Medium rare
Fairly obviously, this is halfway between rare and medium. For many, this is considered the optimum way to enjoy a steak.

The meat will have a pinkish colour on the inside. If you cook a prime cut such as tenderloin more than this, it’ll start to dry out.

Medium well
A little bit of colour will remain in the centre, but most of the flesh will be light brown and chewy.

Well done
No pink at all in the middle. Fattier cuts will still retain some moisture, but generally the meat will be dry. Chefs have been known to refuse to cook their steaks this thoroughly.

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