Classic Irish pub plates with a few healthy options thrown in as well


McGettigan’s is one of those places that you end up going back to time and time again.

With a fun, lively crowd, drink deals and super pub grub, it’s hard to resist the draw of this popular Irish watering hole.

We’re here on a Friday evening,  and the place is busy with a jolly post-brunch crowd, and many who are just here for a bite to eat.

We’re seated in a leather booth tucked away by the bookshelves and beneath the sloping ceiling. It’s a cosy setting that suits the menu of comforting Irish and international dishes perfectly.

We’re pleased to see that even the dinner menu includes a full Irish breakfast (obviously it’s never to late in the day for a fry up), and there’s also a range of burgers, salads and classics such as bangers and mash and hearty pies. However, as soon as we spy the fish and chips, we know we’ve made our decision.

It’s not a bad choice either, and the two large pieces of white battered fish are served with a wedge of lemon and big pots of tartare sauce and mushy peas.

The batter isn’t too thick or greasy, while the fish is light and totally delicious. Our only criticism is that the chips are perhaps a tad too chunky.

The pieces are so big that they taste a bit dry and flavourless for our liking, but luckily the table is well stocked with every condiment you could wish for.

We also go for a French-inspired seafood dish, and opt for the salmon with vegetable and chorizo ratatouille.

The salmon is simple but lovely, and a squeeze of lemon finishes it off just nicely. Meanwhile, the ratatouille is full of fresh vegetables such as multi-coloured courgettes, aubergines, peppers and mushrooms.

We’re pleasantly suprised by how healthy and nutritious it all is, and none of the food tastes like it has been pre-made or simply banged in the microwave. This is all proper cooking.

Beneath the salmon we find a pile of potato champs (Irish mashed potatoes with spring onions), and they work brilliantly with the sweet tomato sauce of the ratatouille.

The live music kicks in part way through our meal, and the mix of indie and rock tunes makes the whole thing more enjoyable still.

We leave full of praise for the both the high-quality pub food, and efficient and friendly staff.

Classic Irish pub plates with a few healthy options thrown in as well

For the live music and super fish and chips


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