An Italian restaurant that focuses on doing the simple things perfectly


The best octopus in the country. If there’s anything you need to know about BiCE that’s it.

We’re huge fans of seafood – especially the cephalopod variety – and have self-assigned the duty of ordering it 99 percent of the time we see it on the menu.

However, it’s not a responsibility without its hardship – for every good dish there’s a rubbery, chewy, slimy counterpart lurking in the next restaurant.

Enter: BiCE, where the octopus is faultless.So exceptional is the Italian eatery’s dish that we’re going out on a big, juicy limb – make it eight limbs in fact – and crowning it the finest in the land.

Thick, tender tentacles – with garishly delicious suckers still on – are cooked beautifully. The knife glides through them like butter, the slight charring from the grill complements the gentle touch of basil pesto and it’s all signed off with a huge hit of zingy lemon. It’s simple, there’s nowhere to hide and it’s a winner.

Moving on, the menu itself, like all good Italians, is equally modest.

Antipasti, pasta, salads, meat and seafood, whatever you choose you cannot go wrong as everything we order is excellent. The truffle butter spaghetti is on the specials menu when we arrive – and if it returns when you visit, order it. It’s exquisite, and certainly a contender to join the octopus as one of the city’s best dishes.

Save room for a classic tiramisu, sit back and digest in your seat on the vast outdoor terrace overlooking the cove and you could very well be in the Mediterranean.

An Italian restaurant that focuses on doing the simple things perfectly

Read the first sentence above (and see the tiramisu to the left)


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