Olá Brasil

15 different meats with a salad buffet and bottomless soft drinks

Olá Brasil

Al Ghazal Golf Club’s latest restaurant feels exceptionally new and fresh.

With trailing vines on the walls, pretty flowers and pastel-green seats, it looks lovely but doesn’t really scream that it’s a Brazilian restaurant. A token aerial photo of Rio de Janeiro is the only nod towards the cuisine.

The starters are mainly Middle Eastern, which is no bad thing. We’re big fans of the selection and go back several times for more hummus and piles of the tangy fattoush salad.

We’re also intrigued by the pieces of Brazilian hearts of palm. We find the taste unusual, but aside from the meats, it feels the most authentic Brazilian dish.

We’re given a light for our table and it’s explained that we should turn it on when we’re ready for more meat, and turn it off when we want the constant flow to stop.

This is the theory, but we still need to ask for a rest anyway as the huge skewers continue to arrive even when the light is off.

The meats are sensational though. We’re also far too amused by using our tiny tongs to grab the pieces that are hacked off for us. We’re asked how we’d like our steak cooked beforehand so the servers can carefully plan which parts to attack for us.

The rump and sirloin steaks are delicious, while the beef ribs are very fatty but so tasty. The spicy chicken definitely has a kick, but we’re not thrilled by the chicken and beef sausages. However, as there’s so much choice, we are actually quite relieved to find that there is finally something we don’t want to repeat.

The constant flow also includes marinated prawns, chicken breasts and lamb chops. Sides include dishes from all over the world. We enjoy the roasted asparagus, Arabic rice, vegetable pasta and fajita chicken, but we find the limited sushi options and runny mashed potato less impressive. It’s also a shame the roast vegetables haven’t been cooked for long enough and some are still raw. However, we are mainly here for lots of good-quality meat, and that part is amazing.

The staff are helpful and the outdoor playground makes it perfect for families.

For a no-frills, good-value feast, Olá Brasil ticks all the boxes.

15 different meats with a salad buffet and bottomless soft drinks

To see how much meat you can physically eat.


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