Environmental charity calls for reduced food waste in Abu Dhabi

Emirates Nature-WWF launches new blog to help people be more efficient

Environmental charity calls for reduced food waste in Abu Dhabi

We’re all guilty of wasting a little food when we shouldn’t.

Whether it’s letting items go out of date in the fridge or having eyes bigger than your stomach when eating out in the city, we could all do more to reduce food waste.

Looking to inspire people to reduce food waste during Ramadan, Emirates Nature-WWF has launched a new campaign in the capital.

The 'Save 1/3' campaign is challenging residents in Abu Dhabi to reduce their personal food wastage by up to a third.

Sound impossible? Well, help is at hand.

A new blog, Yalla Green, has been launched by the organisation to help give tips on shopping, cooking and consumption, to help change our attitude to food.

Laila Mostafa Abdullatif, director-general of Emirates Nature-WWF, said: "We are all interconnected and depend on healthy and abundant food and natural resources for survival.

“This Ramadan, Emirates Nature-WWF encourages all residents and citizens of the UAE to reflect on their eating habits and learn how to shop smarter, cook smarter, and eat smarter.

“Through our Save 1/3 campaign, we hope to support the UAE in addressing the global issue of one-third of the food produced going to waste."

Helping shoppers to go green, an eco-friendly mall has recently opened at Masdar City. Doing their bit, the Carrefour inside My City Centre does not offer single-use plastic bags to customers.

It's the little things that count, and you can start doing your bit now.

For more information visit www.emiratesnaturewwf.ae

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