Menu dedicated to parmesan arrives at Roberto's Abu Dhabi

It turns out you can put the cheese on pretty much anything

Menu dedicated to parmesan arrives at Roberto's Abu Dhabi

Is it just us, or are you also immediately suspicious of anyone who claims not to like cheese? We really can’t fathom what there is to dislike about it (unless, of course, you have a dairy intolerance – in which case, we’ll let you off).

We accept that blue cheese might be a bit too pungent for some, but surely there’s nothing to criticise about parmesan?

In fact, Roberto’s restaurant is taking its love for this special slice of dairy one step further by introducing a dedicated Parmigiano Reggiano menu.

Available until the end of March, each of the delicious dishes (including the desserts) is dedicated to this magnificent hard cheese.

The Italian eatery kicks off the experience on a suitably decadent note.

The starters include hearty chunks of fried polenta (crispy round the edges and beautifully soft inside) with grilled porcini  mushroom, truffles and, of course, plenty of salty parmesan.

Another, and equally great, curtain raiser is the homemade pappardelle pasta, joined by  butter and sage sauce and served up in dramatic fashion in a wheel of parmesan cheese.

The main course options present another difficult decision. There’s deep-fried black cod with chives and Vacche Rosse parmesan, and a Wagyu ribeye steak cooked with cauliflower, coffee powder and 30-month old Vacche Rosse cheese.

Of course, no feast is complete without dessert (some might even argue it’s the best bit) and chef Francesco Guarracino has ensured that the cheesiest night out in the capital ends on an incredible high point.

You might be expecting things to finish with a nice slab of cheesecake, but he has come up with something far more inventive. A soft ‘baba’ cake is served up with pear and sweet vanilla whipped cream, before being topped with the the star of the show: a scoop of creamy parmesan ice cream. 

It sounds good to us. 

Prices vary. Until Mar 31, daily noon-11pm. Rosewood Abu Dhabi, Al Maryah Island (02 627 9009).

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