Why Tori No Su is the home of traditional Japanese dining in Abu Dhabi

Sponsored: The Jumeirah at Etihad Towers restaurant excels in everything from sushi to Teppenyaki

Tori No Su
Tori No Su

Stepping inside Tori No Su is like stepping straight into Japan.
From the welcome to the décor and from the ambiance to the exquisite food, the modern restaurant at Jumeirah at Etihad Towers is unique in Abu Dhabi.
Central to that is the keiseki-trained Chef Ando, a familiar and genial sight to anyone who’s dined in the classy venue.
The chef has recently introduced a new menu, making full use of his experience and skills.
You’ll find a Yakitori selection that would fit perfectly into a Japanese garden setting, the skewers of meat served on a hibachi grill. Each bite is packed with flavour, both from the first-class ingredients and the smokiness from the grill.
One of the more inventive dishes on offer is the Agidashi soft shell crab. You might usually find tofu in the dashi ginger sauce, but here Chef Ando uses tempura soft shell crab. It’s at once traditional and innovative – a perfect example of Tori No Su as a whole.
For those who have never experienced the delights of Japanese desserts outside of the ever-popular mochi, Kakigori is an ideal entry point, and another dish that isn’t commonly found outside of Japan.
The shaved ice, green tea powder, sweet red bean and milk concoction is such a favourite of Chef Ando, he flew over a special machine so he could serve it in the restaurant.
Of course, you can also find plenty of traditional Japanese dishes, with a sushi bar and Teppenyaki counter providing theatrical seating, and a menu filled with sushi, noodles, rice dishes and more, all expertly prepared and lovingly presented.
For a Japanese meal like no other in the capital, head to Tori No Su.
Open Sun-Thu noon-3.30pm; daily 7pm-11.30pm. Jumeirah at Etihad Towers, Corniche Road West, JADRestaurants@jumeirah.com (02 811 5666).

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