Café Arabia

One of the most laid-back ways to enjoy a weekend

If there’s anything that screams lazy Saturday morning more than reading the paper (after you’re done with Time Out, of course) with some poached eggs and coffee, we’d love to hear about it.  But until then, that is the peak of a well-deserved weekend of “doing nothing”. And, if you want to do nothing, you’ve got to do it right. So we’re delighted to walk into Cafe Arabia and find just the spot to relax and recharge the batteries.

The café is decorated in a mismatch of furniture, long wooden tables and sofas – it’s as homely as your granny’s living room. The sliding doors are open and, even with the sunshine pouring in, a breeze is sweeping through.

We order a mixed berry smoothie and take a seat next to a wall adorned with smiling faces – probably as a result of the brilliant food the kitchen sends out. The poached eggs, avocado, chilli on a crusty slice of bread is a perennial favourite of ours – and here it’s a triumph. Simple, well-executed and oozing yolk. Yes please.

The Palestinian shakshouka is another hit: four eggs baked in tomato topped with feta and garlic mint yoghurt. Grab some bread and dunk it right in – go on, it’s your weekend after all.

The bottom line
A triumph made for Saturdays.


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