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Spend the night at this downtown hotel and dine at The Foundry

Dine at our Best Italian restaurant for Dhs199

Work your way through delicious plates of Lebanese cuisine for Dhs199

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Savour some of the best dishes from across South-East Asia for Dhs199

Feast on fine cuts of meat in this friendly steakhouse for Dhs199

Enjoy Indian-inspired plates in this slick and stylish restaurant for Dhs199 and Dhs299

Enjoy Italian plates in a cool, New York-inspired dining room for Dhs99

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Casual tapas-style  sharing plates

Abu Dhabi’s ‘hidden gem’ Irish pub

A popular long-standing Italian restaurant

A petite Indian restaurant with top-notch dishes

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Three courses of homemade Italian food for Dhs99

Relax at Saadiyat Beach Club and dine on elegant plates for Dhs199

Enjoy traditional Japanese delicacies for Dhs199

Dine on pretty Japanese plates at this elegant restaurant for Dhs199

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