We Are Scientists interview

Sardonic pop-rock three-piece are darlings of the indie crowd

We Are Scientists interview

Five things you didn’t know about... We Are Scientists

Hailing from Brooklyn, the sardonic pop-rock three-piece have been in favour with the indie crowd for the best part of a decade, cementing their status as festival favourites with hits ‘The Great Escape’ and ‘After Hours’. Fourth album, Barbara, is out now.

The majority of Chris’s Twitter is preoccupied with the adventures of his cat, Commander Vainglory.
Last week I discovered he had an email account I didn’t know about. Obviously I knew his main email –comvainglory@gmail.com – but he has another one. When you have a pet who is on probation you have to get in his business to make sure he doesn’t make the same mistakes. Suffice to say he’s up to all the old nonsense with all the wrong people. He’s on curfew again.

Keith has now embraced his silver-fox status.
I started getting greys when I was 18 and at that point it’s total denial. By the time you’re as snow white as I am, you come to accept it. My sister and mum deny it by dyeing. Both my parents were whiter haired than I am at my age. They wanted to make the perfect white-haired brood. Vanity and pride have been combating each other. I’m too proud to dye.

Although Chris thinks Keith is most like Miranda from Sex and the City, they’re more into The Golden Girls.
Screw Sex and the City, we’re still digesting Golden Girls.

K: Chris is definitely Blanche: the smartest, the most cutting.

C: Keith is Estelle Getty’s character, Sophia Petrillo.

K: I’ve worn a lounging sundress in my day.

Keith was a member of his school’s media club.
My friend Joe and I were the cause of students having access to the PA. We abused it constantly. We would make a lot of random joke announcements and we would play inappropriate songs. A lot of metal. They were incredibly juvenile.

C: Did you ever advertise free poop-covered doughnuts in the teacher’s lounge?

K: That’s absolutely the sort of thing we’d do.

They don’t believe in reincarnation but they’re pretty interested in reanimation.
We’re going to get down to the bottom of reanimating the dead. They wouldn’t be zombies, but they would come back a little different.

C: Initially, the most striking difference would be whatever decomposition had occurred because that we wouldn’t be able to fix. We’re very interested in bringing Winston Churchill back and we’re aware he’d just be a skeleton.

K: But we’d give him a pair of sunglasses and a top hat. We’re in need of great leadership and we hope Churchill can provide it. We hope. If he’s not too different.

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