New radar system to catch tailgaters in Abu Dhabi is now live

Drivers could be fined Dhs400 and get black points

New radar system to catch tailgaters in Abu Dhabi is now live

A new system to try and stop drivers from tailgating on the capital's roads is now live in the city.

Abu Dhabi Police has launched a smart system using radar that will detect vehicles found to breaking the rules.

Tailgating, if you weren’t aware, is when a driver gets so close to the car in front that there is no safe stopping distance, increasing the chances of a traffic accident.

Targeting unsafe drivers and aiming to eliminate bad behaviour on the roads, the new system will detect the distances between vehicles, and those who are seen to be an unsafe distance from the car in front will face fines.

Those found guilty of tailgating will be sent a text message initially as a warning.

Those who commit an offense again after receiving a warning text will face punishment of a Dhs400 fine as well as four black points.

Abu Dhabi Police also announced that a minimum of a two second gap should be left between vehicles on the road in the capital.

In other news, the Abu Dhabi road tolls are now in use in the city and those who are unregistered or have had problems registering have been given a three-month grace period to sort their account.

Drivers have also been reminded to ensure child safety on the roads and not to use mobile phone while in control of a vehicle.

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