Monthly e-scooter packages and rides from Dhs3 launch in Abu Dhabi

Have you had a go on one of them yet?

Monthly e-scooter packages and rides from Dhs3 launch in Abu Dhabi

E-scooters are everywhere right now, and by now you must have noticed people zooming along the pavements in Abu Dhabi.

Helping people get from A to B, e-scooter company Circ launched in the capital recently offering their nifty grab-and-go transport at locations including Reem Island, Al Maryah Island and Al Dana.

To hire one all you need to do is download the Circ app on iOS or Android, set up an account, load your account with credit and you're ready to go.

There are instructions and safety advice and in-app tutorials. The scooters all have comprehensive insurance, too.

Once you find a scooter you can unlock it with the app and Geofencing means you won't be able to ride it out of a defined area and you can leave it wherever you like within that area.

They go at 20kph as a maximum and cost Dhs3 to unlock, then Dhs1 for every minute you use it.

Now, offering even better value, monthly packages have also been launched.

Riders can now hire Circ scooters for Dhs100 for 150 minutes, Dhs200 for 400 minutes and Dhs300 for 1,000 minutes.

The 1,000 minute package, which average at around 100 rides averages at Dhs3 per day means riders can use the scooters for 30 minutes a day.

“Our intention with these packages is to offer Abu Dhabi consumers with value, choice and price certainty, so they can budget for their monthly commute costs with Circ e-scooters,” says Jaideep Dhanoa, co-founder and CEO Circ, MENA.

“For recreational users we are also introducing unlimited rides passes, so consumers can explore and discover Abu Dhabi at their leisure.”

Be right back, we’re off to try one of these bad boys out for ourselves.

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