Distraction-free film screenings have arrived in Abu Dhabi

Shhh, the film has started

Distraction-free film screenings have arrived in Abu Dhabi

Going to the cinema is one of our favourite things to do, but it doesn’t always go off without a hitch.

People talking, answering their phones, even bringing their little kids to adult films - we've all experienced it.

Admittedly we’ve all been guilty of checking our phones from time to time but we know we shouldn’t.

If all this puts you off going to the movies then there’s some good news for you.

As we announced in August, Vox Cinemas have launched ‘distraction free’ screenings and now they’ve finally arrived in Abu Dhabi.

VOX Cinemas at Nation Towers will become the first cinema in the capital to offer the screenings for film goers who want to enjoy the film without any distractions.

So what’s it all about?

For ‘distraction free’ labelled screenings latecomers will not be allowed to enter, phones will have to be switched off or put on silent mode and you won’t be allowed to talk while the film is showing.

VOX says anyone found to be breaking the rules will be thrown out of the screening. We know, we can't wait to see it happen, either.

Visit the website and look for the screenings labelled ‘distraction free’ and you’re on your way.

Currently, distraction free screenings include the films Ad Astra and The Informer.

We'll see you at the film - we'll smile while eating popcorn silently.
Various locations, including Nation Towers, West Corniche, uae.voxcinemas.com.

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