New drive to attract tourists to stay at working farms in the UAE

There are new argritourism experiences designed for ecotourists

New drive to attract tourists to stay at working farms in the UAE

Ecotourism is a big deal these days, as people try to reduce their environmental impact while exploring the world.

We think that’s great and clearly so do the UAE government, which is getting in on the action.

If you can travel, have a great time and be responsible in the process then what’s not to like?

Offering residents and tourists the chance to enjoy a unique experience and see a side of the UAE that’s a little bit different, the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment has launched a new agritourism page on its digital app.

You can now access information on 23 farms in the UAE that allow visitors to stay over and learn about agricultural practices.

Visitors will be able to enjoy a range of activities during their stay including picking your own produce, petting animals and more.

Videos, images and information on all the participating farms are available on the app as well as locations, terms and conditions and contact details so you can arrange a visit.

The new offering hopes to help drive the demand for locally produced goods and enable local farmers to expand their businesses.
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