Your step by step guide to registering your vehicle for Abu Dhabi road tolls

Drivers have until October 15 to register

Your step by step guide to registering your vehicle for Abu Dhabi road tolls

By now you should have heard that road tolls are launching in Abu Dhabi.

If not, then, road tolls are launching in Abu Dhabi effective from October 15.

Now you know.

All the information you need to know about registering, fines, eligibility and where the tolls are located can be found here.

Have an Abu Dhabi plate? Here’s what you need to do, step by step.

1) Got your SMS?

All drivers in Abu Dhabi, with vehicles registered in the emirate, will have an account automatically created for them.

A text message will be sent to the registered owner of the vehicle sharing the log in credentials for the website.

Not got your text yet? Don’t panic, these will be sent out over the coming weeks.

You can contact the Integrated Transport Centre hotline 80088888 or the free Abu Dhabi Government Contact Centre hotline 800555 to enquire about the progress of your account.

2) Log in to your account

Now you have your text with the log in credentials, visit the Department of Transport (DOT) website to take the next steps.

Not a digital wizard? You can also visit any Abu Dhabi Government Services Centre (Tamm) to complete the next stage in the process.

You’ll need your Emirates ID both for visiting Abu Dhabi Government Services Centres or a digital copy for uploading to the DOT website.

Fill out the form with the information required, upload or insert your Emirates ID and then that’s you officially registered.

Drivers with vehicles register in Abu Dhabi will not be charged to register whereas drivers from all other Emirates will have to pay Dhs100 to register their vehicle.

3) Add credit to your account

Drivers will be required to have a balance on their account for passing through toll gates.

Vehicles will be charged Dhs4 for passing through the toll gates at peak times and Dhs2 during off-peak times.

Drivers passing through the gates with insufficient balance on their account will have a ten-day grace period to top up their account or face fines of Dhs100 for the first day, Dhs200 for the second day, Dhs400 for the third day, up to the maximum fine of Dhs10,000.

All registered drivers must ensure they keep their balance topped up to avoid fines.

4) Drive without worry

That’s it, you’re registered, there’s credit on your account and now your only concern is not getting caught in traffic or getting hopelessly lost of the way to your intended destination.

Drive safe.

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