Emirates announces global economy class flash sale

And discounts on trips are valid until the end of June next year

Emirates announces global economy class flash sale

Already looking to book your next holiday? Well then we have a handy bit of news to help you look forward to another getaway.

Emirates has announced a range of new deals that you can take advantage of if you book before Sunday September 15 – and the best bit is that you can book as far ahead as the end of June next year.

So, you can already try and get a big trip planned ahead of next year’s summer – ideal.

The airline has confirmed that flights to a range of destinations around the world are included in the deal, which is split into continents for ease. To see the full list of destinations on offer, head to emirates.com, but the starting rates are below.

Locations around the Middle East start from Dhs795 for economy and Dhss3,595 for business class. Flights to Europe start at Dhs1,995 on economy and Dhs9,495 on business, and if you want to head to the Americas you’re looking at Dhs4,395 on economy and Dhs17,595 in business class.

Middle East - Dhs795 (economy) Dhs3,595 (business)

West Asia & Indian Ocean - Dhs825 (economy) Dhs2,605 (business)

Africa - Dhs1,375 (economy) Dhs6,495 (business)

Far East & Australasia - Dhs1,925 (economy) Dhs7,995 (business)

Europe - Dhs1,995 (economy) Dhs9,495 (business)

The Americas - Dhs4,395 (economy) Dhs17,595 (business)

Also, recently, the airline has announced that the near future will see passengers given the opportunity to pre-book in-flight meals – tasty.

For more information, head to www.emirates.com
Until Sun Sep 15.

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