Road tolls coming to Abu Dhabi from October 2019

Drivers will pay Dhs4 for going through toll gates or risk fines of up to Dhs10,000

Road tolls coming to Abu Dhabi from October 2019

Drivers of Abu Dhabi - you will want to read this, as road tolls are being introduced in Abu Dhabi.

Four toll gates will be in operation in the capital from October 15 2019.

Dhs4 will be charged every time a vehicle passes through one of the gates between Saturday and Thursday, from 7am-9am and then from 5pm-7pm.

During off-peak hours, Fridays and public holidays the toll will be reduced to Dhs2.

The toll system will be operation 24 hours a day and a daily maximum fee of Dhs16 will be placed on each vehicle, meaning no more that that will be charged even if drivers pass through more gates after reaching the limit.

The Department of Transport - Abu Dhabi says it aims to reduce traffic congestion and raise the efficiency of public transport services.

The new system also aims to encourage drivers to consider carpooling and reducing the number of vehicles on the road in the city.

Four toll gates will be placed at the following bridges - Sheikh Zayed Bridge, Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Bridge, Al Maqtaa Bridge and Mussafah Bridge.

Fees will be automatically deducted from a prepaid user account that drivers will be required to set up before the launch of the new system on October 15.

The registration system will open to drivers from August 30.

Vehicles will not be required to add a sticker to their window and they will instead be identified by the license plate number.

Fines for passing through a toll gate with an unregistered vehicle, after a ten day grace period, will be Dhs100 for the first day, Dhs200 for the second day, Dhs400 for the third day, up to the maximum fine of Dhs10,000.

Passing through a toll gate with insufficient balance, after the ten day grace period will result in a fine of Dhs50.

Drivers who tamper with their license plate in order to evade the toll will also be fined Dhs10,000.
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