Du launches 5G home router in Abu Dhabi

Operator to bring 1Gbps speeds to home networks across the city

Du launches 5G home router in Abu Dhabi

Fancy 5G speeds in your Abu Dhabi home? Well, while you can now get 5G connectivity on your mobile with du and Etisalat in various locations across the UAE, du has run ahead with helping customers spread 5G internet speeds to the home – and you don’t even need a 5G smartphone to get them.

A new wireless 5G router from Chinese manufacturer ZTE has been released by du, meaning you can get the ridiculously fast wireless speeds of more than 1Gbps (estimated to be more than ten times faster than the average speed of LTE) throughout your home.

It’s called fixed-wireless access, which means that instead of using cables to provide internet to your home, you’ll be able to connect multiple devices (TVs, tablets, laptops, games consoles etc) to your router, which itself is connected to the network in the same way your phone is.

du says it’s putting a massive shift into trying to expand its 5G network rollout the operator is going to be rolling out loads more 5G infrastructure to grow its coverage map across the emirate, and the rest of the country.

You can view the current 5G-ready areas here, and du says it’s going to make a big push over the next few months.

The router is available for an initial Dhs279 per month and will grant your devices the speeds of 5G, even if they’re not 5G-compatible devices.

For more information, head to www.du.ae/5g.

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