Get a free tyre check in Abu Dhabi this month

Stay safe on the roads by taking advantage of the offer

Get a free tyre check in Abu Dhabi this month

Summer is a good time to do a little car maintenance here in Abu Dhabi.

Been neglecting your motor the past few months? Is it needing a wash and some TLC? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one.

With the heat, batteries can die, tyres can lose pressure and the overall health of your car can decline.

Plus, if you’re going to take to the road, you need to ensure it’s safe to do so, for your own health and the safety of other road users.

The good news is Abu Dhabi Police are offering free tyre health checks until July 16 in Abu Dhabi.

With tyre blowouts being one of the main causes of accidents in the summer months, it can’t hurt to get a check-up.

Abu Dhabi Police are carrying out free tyre checks at ADNOC petrol stations at the Corniche, Al Mushrif, Reem Island, Mahwi, Al Samha and Khalifa City.

So why not see how healthy your tyres are and make sure you don’t run into any preventable incidents on the road when out and about in the next few weeks.

Drive safely!

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