You can now pay traffic fines on smart machines in Abu Dhabi

Strapped for time? These machines will have you sorted in minutes

You can now pay traffic fines on smart machines in Abu Dhabi

It’s easy to forget things and to push some errands further and further down your to-do-list.

Travel insurance? It can wait. Pay Etisalat bill? Maybe wait one more day. Traffic fines? Who has the time?

The good news is in Abu Dhabi you can renew your driving licence and pay your traffic fines much more easily.

Abu Dhabi Police have announced the introduction of Sahl kiosks at a number of ADNOC service stations across the emirate.

A total of 33 machines are now active, including six in Al Ain, where drivers can tick a few things off their to-do list with ease.

All you need to do is insert your Emirates ID and you can renew your licence or pay any traffic fines you may have accumulated.

Motorists will be able to select the service and carry out the procedure with the automated machines within minutes.

So if you’ve been putting off car-related jobs in your busy life then maybe it’s time to prioritise and finally get that job done and dusted.

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